Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka = best kite spots around Probably if you are interested in learning kitesurfing and today you have not done so, it is because the wind and navigation conditions of your nearest kite spot are not the best. And the fact is that kitesurfing is not learned in a day or quickly. This risky sport requires many hours of practice and patience. If the kite spot on which you are learning does not help, learning to kite can become a nightmare. There are incredible kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka where to learn and to progress a lot in kitesurfing Kalpitiya is a famous kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka and where kite is easily learned in the kalpitiya lagoon. It is difficult to find a kite spot where the conditions to learn are as perfect as in KAlpitiya. There are several schools in Kalpitiya that are affiliated to the International Kitesurfing organization. Most of these schools are located around the kalpitiya lagoon and they offer free transportation to the kite s